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why can i own a unlimited amount of normal weapons of the same type yet when i buy a new Titania i do not get a second set of Dexpixias? I wanted to do a new build with a crit build Dexpixia with all new polaritys without messing up my current build . yet when i ranked it up to lvl 10 and went to mod them the same Dexpixias i had showed up . i changed a few mods and equipped my other Titania and looked, the mods i changed where changed on this one also. this sucks, wasted platinum on what i consider a glitch....if you make a new frame you should get new fresh exalted weapons also, seems like a no brainer. i hope this is a glitch and is on someones list of things to fix. I hope they are aware of the problem and if not how can we make them aware of it?

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