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New (bad) player looking for a clan


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Hi guys

I've just picked up warframe and am very gradually levelling up.  A friend who plays persuaded me to start the game on the basis that I'd likely enjoy the stories as much as the gameplay, and the community was very good.

But this kind of game isn't what I usually play.  I'm actually disabled - my left hand doesn't really work, so I can tap one key but I can't flit across multiple keys at once, such as if I need to run, crouch and jump at the same time.  That means I'm either moving or fighting, which is what I typically do.  For example when playing mass effect I'll move using my right hand to a decent overwatch point, kill everything, then move on.

Clearly that won't work in Warframe, and I'm really, really slow.  It was very apparent in a number of team missions and I really hope I didn't irritate the poor players who were stuck with me.  I'm mostly playing Rhino and Wu Kong as I find those abilities suits my issues without impacting effectiveness.  I'm also mostly playing solo to avoid dragging folk along with me, but it's really hard in certain missions and quests where team play is needed - interception for example

So the ask is for a clan who will be happy with someone who will be a bit a slow and they may have to hard carry now and again.  A big ask I know, so I won't be offended if you think I won't be a fit.

Look forward to hearing from you


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Hey man; i see you have issues with your hand and can totally understand.

My clan itself is too small for its own good and has a bunch of squatters but  even if you join another clan or what ever i'd just like to help ya if i can :)

Feel free to friend me in game.  If you want you can PM me and i'll shoot you my discord info too. 

Oh! Also; if you're worried about being slow and wanting defense like rhino or wukong, try Nezha. He has a shield like rhino and a sprint ability like volt to help out with your movement speed. :) He also has a teleport ability and a decently good nuke/stun power.  You can get Nezha in any dojo that has him researched. The build is a bit long but its not bad overall. 

Ill see if i can free you up a slot or two in ym clan. May just bite the bullet and up its size.

PS: You may want to leave the text color on auto. Users on dark theme have trouble seeing the color ya picked. ;) just an FYI

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