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Another idea for the vauban pile.


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2 actually.

1 - Make his abilities "environmental" effects. It's not called "environmental" but that's how I call it (I don't know the name for it). Meaning: you know the moa-looking infested that shoot yellow goop that slows you down? I'm talking about this goop. I play oberon a lot and my grass doesn't affect me regarding the slow down from said goop. Doesn't work for others either. I'd love for Vaubans' abilities to work like that. That's right, I'm looking at you nulifiers! Beware the contraptions!  Also, seeing as our enemies are getting increasingly better at... Erhmm... Nulifing our abilities, I think this change will make vauban more attractive. 


2 - More range. The new maps we get are getting bigger and more open, looking at jupiter here, and ofcourse valis and maybe railjack in the future? So more base range on his abilities should work nicely with the new stuff we get. I'm not an avid vauban player so I can't point out numbers but when I'm joined by a rare vauban they seem to always want a little bit more range to get the job done.


Now, these shouldn't make him top tier or anything, but I do think these 2 things can affect the new content well.

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