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Executioner Garesh and Gorth noggle auto rotation

(XBOX)Grimsley Clause

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This has been going on since Rathuum dropped and these noggles became available.

It only seems to happen with those two noggles, but once placed, they seem to randomly turn complete 180s and other variation degrees within the next few orbiter load ins.

It's a tad annoying to continuously rotate them again just for them to Toy Story it and move around on their own, and I gave up on fixing it a while ago. Even removing and replacing does nothing.

This issue is not present in any other noggle i've seen, and even the Dog Days Garesh and Gorth do not have this attribute.

The worst part is that they tend to stay in their turned position.

Only shot I have left is to try and place them backwards again in hope that this glitch works in my favor but it hasn't so far.

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