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Please report any new cases of credit/rank loss


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Post here if you find that your items have reverted to unranked or your credits have been reset (or support ticket if you're frisky). We're watching the database right now in mouthy verbose mode.

Thanks crew!

We are glad to assist! :)

Which is preferrable for reporting into: the forum or the helpdesk?

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Hello, I am having issue finding the helpdesk, but will post here. My credits got wiped out in the update due to a crash and disconnect (multiple times in the past few days), do you need me to state the credit amount? I was playing around 8:30, the game crashed and had to update and bam, creds gone. Hope that helps!

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my pistol got unranked many days ago, on support ticket they gave it a boost in exp by 2 levels but i still cannot get a single upgrade point! the pistol is left useless! 14 levels without a single upgrade point i want it to be turned into level 30 weapon coz thats the level i would have on it by now like my warframe and main gun which reached this level looooong time ago.

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Dec 27 04:16

lost around 27k or 29k (couldn't remember the exact amount) after i abort a mission yesterday.

please help, thank you.

lost another 11k today at venus boss during host migration. my total credit loss is now around 40k -.-

December 27, 2012 06:21

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