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Red veil standing from defection


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How can I earn Red veil standing from defection  when red veil appear and tell me not to allow the defection and actively try to collect defectors (dead or alive it seems  ) ? 


Wouldn't the  Red Veil syndicate be upset with me when I help the defectors ? Wouldn't  the action of shooting red veil members have to count AGAINST  me  ?



Also the red veil are seen to let the defectors die.  Wouldn't they  use the CAPTURE procedure to get an injured defector  ? Perhaps  what we see as "defector killed" isnt really a defector death.hmm But  we could see red veil actually do the capture thing  if the defector was downed by red veil  ?

Perhaps the explanation is that they do only need corpses, and they have to be killed kosher/halal by red veil,  ergo not secat so they don't just pick up the  secat killed corpses from the battle scene,   and they want to keep this defector capture/kill  mission a secret , eg from steel meridian.

So they have to pay me syndicate standing  ? Refusing to pay me syndicate standing would be firm evidence , a confession, of there blood thirsty  operations..   .. they tell  steel meridian they were there to help the defectors ?? ( Note, steel meridian and red veil are allied syndicates, so thats why red veil would have to keep things on the quiet !)









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8 minutes ago, krc473 said:

You cannot. You have to find a Syndicate mission that is Defection if you want the points.

Its not april 1 .. thats bizarre concept in a few ways



We all earn syndicate points  (from our own and ally syndicates)  from every mission ,and I certainly earn  red veil syndicate standing from all  defection  missions,even when red veil show up and tell me they are taking over. Are you saying the bug is that the mission results show red veil points earnt ? And it wouldn't be fair to have some syndicates being given negative standing or just getting 0  standing, when  the other syndicates don't suffer the same way ???


Syndicate missions are where the syndicates agents are helping us with the mission , and  it seems at face value they have   SNAFU'd their delivery of supplies and there are syndicate medallions (or other valuables) scattered all over the place , which makes it more valuable toward syndicate standing than normal missions. (How come the syndicate guys don't collect them ?  They belong to their syndicate ! Maybe they intentionally put the valuables around the place so as to encourage us to help ... but they don't say .. "find your pay out  there..."

Then if it was a tier 3  ?   or higher defection , would there be red veil agents trying to rescue the defectors, and  then some red veil agents turn up to try to kill the defectors? Thats the same issue. Earning standing when the red veil clearly wants something else.





Long story short, The syndicate missions just give MORE syndicate standing.

Another way to boost standing earnt is to wear  a  signil.














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Because, Red Veil ignores the fact that you killed their operatives during defection missions. DE would be jerks if they penalized your Red Veil standing for killing Red Veil operatives that are part of the mission by design!

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