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DE bring back the raid

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5 minutes ago, (PS4)caffinated_flame said:

I dont see how that bashing minus the warframe is dying bit but am not sure which ones said that.

Either way I would stop arguing with u cus it weird aguring for youtubers like they defenseless.

Feel free to look any warframe youtubers, and you don't see how that's bashing? Maybe once people start saying your hard work is trash, you're losing your touch/skill etc you will see how that's bashing

If warframe is dying, why does the number of players doesn't go down to three to two digits?

No content? So what is the thing you play that they made from 2013 until now if not content?

Content is trash? Where is the part it's trash? Why don't you think something because you're better than DE in making content?

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One raid I did was grineer with vay hek. No waypoint no guide, if you knew what to do you would do it if you didnt then you wouldnt, and if you didnt know then nnoone would recruit you and if there is noone to teach you then you will never do it. There was one person who guided us and i think they almost lost their mind when they did it, all noobs but him and good thing for voice. I was a noob so im kinda glad some person went thru that to guide us. Youtube always helped but I was too lazy and it was not practical. Hope in new raid they tell us what to do, unless it was waypoint bug then idk what im saying

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