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Clan for Women and/or LGBTQIA+ Individuals


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Hi there! 

Andromeda is a safe-space gaming community for people who identify as female and/or LGBTQIA+. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and safe environment for people of all minority gender and sexual identities, and from every corner of the Earth. It's a space to make new friends, enjoy events, and play games together!

We are a community of over 1,200 members with a lot of experience in running amateur esports teams. For a while now, we've been expanding into more games and away from strictly competitive gaming, so we are proud to introduce ADM Callisto, our Warframe clan! We have all the research completed, have around 100 active members (as of the beginning of 2022), and are continuously growing! If you're excited to make new friends and build something together in a safe and non-toxic environment, then you couldn't ask for a better place!
Please be aware that while Andromeda is open to players of all platforms, Callisto is a PC clan. There is no strict activity requirement, we accept members of any Mastery Rank from all regions, and hope you'll have fun playing with us!

Callisto is also part of the Birbs of Prey Alliance! They are a leftist community aiming to provide a space and help for people who want to escape toxic mainstream gaming culture. They are LGBTQ+ friendly, feminist, and pro-civil rights. Because of their welcoming and experienced members, we're able to provide a lot of support for players of any level, and of course there's more people to play together with that way! 

We would love to have you join! If you're interested, simply reply to this thread or send a message to KesslerCOIL on the Forums! ❤️


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4 hours ago, TheNightsFox said:

Hello, I am looking to get back into Warframe. Is your clan still recruiting? Thank you for your time.

we sure are still recruiting! check your DMs 🙂 

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Hello! How active are you guys? I'm a queer girl looking for a clan. I want to be myself and have fun with others who accept and respect me. I'm tired of playing solo all the time. 

I play on PC in the NA region. Looking for a gaming community to join with a discord. Somewhere I can go to make friends and stuff


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