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question about prime stuff earned from void relics


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When you dont know the value of stuff you can do your own price checks with the chat filters...

Filter out everything except  " wts "  thats for like a very broud sense of all items... 

But you can also tell it to filter out everything except specific items.

Like Saryn prime for example.  You got some saryn prime parts from popping relics but you dont know how much they are worth.  

So just set up a filter for " saryn " and you will see everyone selling saryn loot.  You can go by those numbers or raise or lower it... 

The true value of items is UNKNOWN.  Crap is only worth what one person is willing to offer and another person is willing to accept.  


But for my last piece of advice I would just say full sets can be sold for more than individual pieces.  But if your desperate, whatever..

Also be aware of morons who offer to buy prime junk and offer you stupid low plat amounts for ducat items worth 45-100.  Those are the uncommon/rare parts of a prime set and are worth a hell of a lot more than single digit plat amounts.  


But yeah.  Chat filters = awesome!!   But YOU determine what you are wiling to accept.

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is use warframe.market and nexus stats to get an avg. you can also just type into trade that you wtb the thing you wts, and that'll give you an ok idea of what it goes for "right now". If i don't get replies on TC i use the avg and then mark it up depending on rarity

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