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Weapons Showing up in Cutscenes


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As far as I can tell, I seem to be the only one suffering from a bug where weapons will always show up glued to my Frame's hands in cutscenes. All cutscenes. This includes the end-of-mission Landing Craft walkup, cutscenes for story quests, the kneeling animation at the end of Mastery Tests, and probably others.

I have not taken any screenshots of it happening in any story cutscenes (and even if I had, I wouldn't want to upload them to keep from providing spoilers), but I did take one during my ascension to MR13: https://imgur.com/Qy3V8bR

As you can see, my Dex Sybaris is effectively glued to my Rhino's hand. While not a big issue for Mastery Test results as seen in the screenshot, it can be quite obtrusive during, say, the climactic scene of Second Dream.

I've had this bug since I started playing the game, which was during the most recent Anniversary event, in April. I'm not sure whether it's existed since before then since, as I said at the beginning of this post, I can't find any other reports of it happening to anyone else.


Edit: https://imgur.com/tMWivns Got a screenshot from the opening cinematic to the Ropalolyst fight, shows the problem a little bit better than my Mastery Test picture

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I had this happen to me once or twice, I remember during The Sacrifice back when that had just come out,
in the final part my Frame was holding my Primary when he was supposed to do that neat thing with just his Melee weapon.

I also watched some streams recently of people going through Story Quests (on various platforms),
and that issue popped up there now and then as well, e.g. the final part of TSD was once graced by a surprise appearance of Twin Grakatas.

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