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Randomly awarded Arcane Enhancement and Eidolon Shard after reentering Cetus


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As the title says, yesterday as I reentered Cetus after fishing at night in the Plains of Eidolon, items suddenly started to fly towards me inside of the little area with the two gates and in the lower right corner of the screen it told me that I would have collected an unidentified item as well as an Eidolon Shard, with the unidentified item turning out to be an Arcane Enhancement, the rewards you usally get for killing a Teralyst. It's the 5th time in total that this ever happened, all within the last month, it's only now that I'm aware of this not being intended as I just recently really started playing PoE to get stuff for the Eidolon Hunt I want to do. Reading up on it's rewards and that way, finding out that killing/capturing and Eidolon is the only way you're supposed to get an Eidolon Shard as well as it's Arcane Enhancement, there is no way this can be intended.

The five times this ever happened I always did something else, the one time I was fishing, the other one I was just mining or even just doing one mission before heading back in, the only thing all these 5 cases have in common is that everytime this happened, it was when I reentered Cetus before the night was over. So maybe there is a chance of the Eidolon dying off instead of just despawning when you reenter Cetus before the night is over and it despawns naturally.

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