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What Do You Else Play ?

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I've shot myself in the Foot with Gaming lately

PC:LoL, Borderlands 2, GW 2 (Not too much due to crappy FPS atm) DmC, (Quite a bunch of other Steam games, but these have been my recent focus)

360: Anarchy Reigns, Borderlands 2(Yes, Again), Halo 4

Really trying to get a better Laptop at some point so I can game smoother with less FPS drops

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Well, i dunno about the rest of you, but i have the GBA emulator, "Visual Boy Advance" downloaded, so i can play any gba, gbc, or gb game that i want. and i DO want to play them all.

Also, i play:



Pretty much ANY game from AeriaGames (online gaming site; it's pretty great)

Diablo 2


Rumble Fighter

DragonFable (including DF Worlds)



Hide-n-Seek (i'm the best ;D)

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