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Suggestions to make Warframe more fun!


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DylanArchangel's Suggestions for Warframe! 

Disclaimer: I do NOT expect these to get

accepted into the game. I only wish to 

show my ideas to the community, any

criticism is fine. Any

disrespectful or hurtful

messages will be reported.


Suggestion #1: Venus Animals as Orbiter Pets.

I think having Venus animals as pets, in the same way you can buy

animals in cages from Master Teasonai in Cetus.

So basically you're able to buy them as pets but not like a Kubrow or Kavat where

they're combat ready. Instead they could just be wondering your orbiter, or just be in one place like the animals

you buy from Master Teasonai in Cetus, where they're in cages.


Suggestion #2: Add more interaction options with pets.

This one is sort of confusing, but I'll explain it regardless.

We don't have much interaction with our own Kubrows and Kavats.

We can pet them or 'interact' with them for loyalty, but you do that about once a day and 

they're fine. Honestly there doesn't seem to be that much interaction with our own pets.

Which is sort of a bummer to me. I would 'like' to feed my pets food. But that may be an issue for some.

Yet again though, it could be easy. Stasis wouldn't bring down their hunger. So if you have a pet out of stasis

you should have to feed them from time to time to keep their health up or their 'energy' up. So they're not

tired in battle. Even Club Penguin had a pet food system. Which worked for them. 

Not saying it's a bad thing this hasn't been added yet. It just may be nice to have more interaction with 

my pets.


I only have two suggestions in my mind as of right now.

If I have any more I will open a new thread listing a lot more than two next time.

Thank you for reading, and again. I do not expect these to make it into Warframe. These are just personal suggestions

I have, that would make the game a lot more interactive, and enjoyable during 'downtime'. Where I've completed all my stuff for the day

and can just enjoy myself.

Thanks again for reading! - Dylan <3 <3


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