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So, about toxin damage... (Updated with Image)


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I have notice for quite a while now that Toxin damage should have been bypass shield... Did not work at some enemies at all. I know that some very high profile bosses do have ability to neglect any damage to health as long as their shield are up. But some normal enemies should not have the same ability.

Today when I was doing the Sorties (because nowaday I only have time for sorties), I notice that some Robotic enemies (MOAs and Drones) are very hard to kill with my gun that mod for pure Toxin. So I did a little test and notice that they will not take any Toxin damage until their shield are down. Which is like some high profile bosses have. The toxin damage will also not count for shield damage since it should bypass shield. Resulting in Toxin damage dealing total of 0 damage until the shield are down. Toxin proc will also deal 0 damage until the shield are down.

So, I think this is a bug considered Toxin damage do not count for shield damage (even if the damage isn't bypass the shield). Meaning if you mod for pure Toxin in some gun I think you'll mostly deal 0 damage to them and can't kill them at all.

PS. I also notice some new enemies like Amalgam also have this ability. IDK if it also Bug or intended...

Edit : some typo and wording... I'm very sleepy when I first draft this thread (lol)

Edit 2 : Insert the Image

Disclaimer - I have use Acrid in this test as it has pure Toxin damage and I only added +Damage and +Toxin mod (also Silent mod ... lol) to it.

1. Amalgam will not take any direct Health Damage. All Toxin damage are 0. Since Toxin don't deal damage to Shield... Total Toxin damage is 0. Proc from Toxin also 0 (later test shown that existing Toxin Proc will deal DoT damage after their shield are down, without re-apply the proc).



2. In today First Sorties. The enemies should have 'Viral' Enhancement (In Simulacrum MOAs and Drone take Toxin damage normally). But for some reason... The Toxin damage also deal 0 damage. As far as I can tell, This happen in all today 3 Sorties mission (although I don't have time to verify it).



IDK, if it just me or anyone can replicate this Bug. But it really annoying Bug since it work normally in Simulacrum but not in real mission.

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4 hours ago, [DE]Tweep said:

We have found an issue with Toxin damage and the Amalgam Drones, but as far as I can tell, the MOA's are working as intended. If there is still an issue please let me know and we can go from there, thank you. 

Thank you for looking into it. As far as I know, the Robotic Bug only occur in previous 3 Sorties mission. Although I didn't show it, but other Corpus unit in the same mission (Crewman/Tech) do take Toxin damage to Health normally. That is why I notice the Bug in the first place. Before the Sorties reset, I do play normal Corpus mission to see if it happen to another mission but the Robotic enemies do take Toxin damage to health like intended.

Anyway, if the next Corpus sorties also have the same issue I'll make an update thread to it. Thank you.

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