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[Controller] Allow more actions for "Ability Menu"


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So I bet a lot of controller users, whether on Consoles or PC, have quite some troubles fitting a lot of existing useful shortcuts on their controller. Personally I can barely even fit the basic Place Marker, Map and Consumables. Other stuff like Quick Progress View or Gear Hotkeys is just impossible for me to fit anywhere, with the setup I'm using.

Now we have a nice mapping option called Ability Menu and a whole assignment screen dedicated to it, but the problem is, you can't assign anything other than Abilities to it. If we could assign stuff like Marker, Map, Quick Progress view, Inspect, Gear Hotkeys etc, it would be a significant improvement for a lot of controller users out there. Since now we'll be able to assign all these actions within a single button. We would be finally able to fit nearly all of the useful shortcuts on our controllers.

So please DE, show some love for all the controller players across the different platforms and impove our assignment options for Ability Menu!

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