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Dojo frustration; lighting bleeds, placement collission & tree changes


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Hey all, just a thread to combine some of the biggest frustrations I have experienced while trying to make my dojo as intricate as possible. It's a lot of work that is largely very rewarding, but also very frustrating at times.

First up, a minor one:
There's some really weird lighting bleeds occurring in certain parts of the dojo, most notably in the grandest hall. It causes objects that are places next to each other, without any light sources interfering, to be viewed as though they are...highlighted




Honestly, it'd be nice if this could be fixed, as it really messes things up in a weird way. Makes homogenous objects appear completely out of place. 

I am often rather annoyed by how collision works while placing decorations. It's a huge pain in the frame to mesh two decorations together, as they all have some weird kind of collision that prevents them from being merged with other objects to provide a smoother transition between surfaces. Two examples of this; you cannot place any tree directly into another object, as the base (stem) of the tree always has some kind of hard collision. You can, however, place the tree and then slide the other object on top of the tree. A simpler example that's perhaps far more frustrating; say you want to have a different floor for your room. You place a slab of rock. You want to place grass on top of that, but since the rock surface is uneven, the grass ends up half-floating on top of it since the collision won't allow you to place it half into the rock. Again, you can first float the grass half in the air and then place the rock slab underneath it. If these objects have no issues meshing at all, don't make us go through this completely arbitrary process each and every time. 
The same goes for the pillars in all of the clan hall rooms. Want a different look to your pillars for a different aesthetic? Good luck navigating the rabid hellscape that is the collision on these pillars. Especially the first time doing it, it can take one hours to even place a different type of pillar over the standard pillars due to absolutely awful collision. Please get rid of this collision, it's absolutely terrible in each and every regard, and all of it seems completely arbitrary as it is possible, it's just mindbendingly frustrating to get it to work. What's worse, this entire system ensures that very, very often, objects just get stuck in place completely. You'll want to move it ever so slightly, but the game just won't let you, because there's some other object meshed into it that prevents any and all movement. Removing all of this unnecessary collision would make object placement much, much easier, and I dare say it might even reduce decoration times by about 30%, as you will spend a lot  of time just combating the collision on all of these objects. 
Maybe that's the true endgame of Warframe, though. Fighting against the dojo decoration collision.


And lastly, there's the trees.
Somehow I still had an image from what they looked like before, but in some update somewhere these were completely butchered. They've gone from lush, vibrant, colorful trees to dull, sickly looking twigs that also suffer from terrible lighting bleeds. Have an old pic here to illustrate what they looked like before: 


Old trees: NX9RRBB.jpg

New trees: 8CfQ4Dd.jpg

Those are the same trees as the the one in my earlier picture to show the lighting bleeds; notice how the "tree" has this weird silver shimmer across it; that's pervasive in all trees placed now, and they look kind of terrible to boot. The color scheme is dull, flat, not vibrant at all, and looks rather sickly. The trees in this first picture here are vibrant and colorful, and I'd very much like to have them back. Doesn't only go for the red trees either; the (previously) green maple trees have now turned into weird half-transparent brown twigs that just look horrid. 

I don't often ask for something to be reverted, but in this case I absolutely am. These new trees look terrible.   

That's all I have for now. Feel free to share any frustration you have, specifically regarding dojo decorating. I probably missed a few. 

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