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Ghost XB1 clan looking to recruit

(XBOX)Onawa Nootau

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We are a ghost clan, my buddy and I started this clan a while ago, and it's been the two of us forever. 


We are both MR27, and have played the game since launch on xb1. We both deeply enjoy and love the game, and talked about expanding our clan to other people. We will remain a ghost clan however as we don't want costs to get too high for making things. 


We are looking for players which will help to make things with us, that farm with us, play along side us, and in general just chat with us. We prefer adults, as we do curse, and make crued jokes sometimes.


We  have gotten it all the way to rank 10 on our own. We are focusing currently on colors, as everything else is built. I myself play during the week, and my friend gets on sometimes during the week, but mostly on the weekend. 


Our clan name is Alpha Order, also any other small clans that need an alliance we made 1 of those too called The Black Council, and we are also looking to expand that too with other small ghost or shadow clans.


We have an image already designed for the alliance, and clan as well. 


If your interested please reply to this thread or message me on xbox live Onawa Nootau. We are happy to have 8 other like minded players.

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