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Warframe just game ended itself


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Can someone tell me just how I wake up one morning and you know the casual daily log on for me occurs yeah? So I turn on my PC and go ahead and start up Warframe, then it loads me up to steam and steam has me log in again and I'm like hmm that's weird, and then when Warframe proceeds to boot up steam tells me I don't have it installed and now I have to reinstall a 32 GB game on a 15 download speed ISP. Any ideas on how my Warframe just randomly uninstalled over night? Because I sure as hell have no idea how it uninstalled just randomly.

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56 minutes ago, rtzEm said:

steam tells me I don't have it installed

I am guessing the Steam's manifest file have gone missing or was corrupted. This can be restored without the need to download the entire game, as long as you do not tell Steam to download it again.



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