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Itzal needs 8500 oxium?

(XBOX)Khyron42 Prime

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The hover over text is how much Oxium it takes you to actually build the part once you have it researched.

The second cost on the right however, is how much it costs your clan as a whole together to research it, so that you can all copy the blueprint to build it individually.

Hope this helps clear things up 🙂

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vor 7 Stunden schrieb (XB1)Khyron42 Prime:

Sweet jesus. I'm in a ghost clan, that's easily 2x as much as Oxium as we've ever gathered in the last 2 years of playing.

thats not that hard.. i've my own little clan build with just me, and did not have a problem to build itzal - just took me some time farming. as already been said by some other go to io :)

the archwing is worth it.

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Welp there's only 2 of us,  so it'll undoubtedly be a slog. Crazily enough we have the majority of our research done, it's been grindy but doable. I haven't played in a bit, so maybe I spent some huge quantity of oxium and I don't remember. Thanks for the clarification! I'm surprised this isn't already deleted, as it's apparently not even a bug.

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