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[Warframe concept] MixCoatl, The Grappler, The Champion


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Wasn't originally my idea but I took it and ran with it. The idea is a luchador themed frame named for the god of hunting, (old god of hurricanes and storms), associated with the milky way. Aesthetics would mix an athletic muscular build with jaguar or quetzalcoatl theme, bright colorful feathers that would invoke wrestling legend ultimate warrior. His role would be thay of a taunting tank with solid CC and AOE abilities.

His passive is called "Building heat" Mixcoatl gains stacks of heat by taunting enemies. The higher the stack count the more his stats boost increasing armor and ability strength by 5% for every 5 stacks no 100cap on stacks and ultimately give him access to his "finisher" stacks decay 1 per second after 10 seconds if no enemies are taunted.

First ability: Lariat: is a simple running closthline, dealing high impact damage and knock down.

Second Ability: Hype: a literal taunt drawing agro in an area of effect, causing most enemies to stop shooting and try to deal melee damage, he could gain temporary armor while the taunt is held. The longer its held the more the aoe increases l, he can take damage until his armor breaks in which case he'll be knocked out of the taunt.

Third ability: Grapple Chain: a targeted grapple combo loop, grab an enemy into a suplex, that chains into multiple other throws recast before the animation ends to keep chaining, each slam dose an impact aoe coast is reduced energy for each chain. If you chain at least five slams and have enough heat or hype the chain will end in a massive muscle buster with multiplied damage based on the number of slams executed.

Fouth ability: Condor Drop: A flying press in which he leaps into the air and backflips before slamming face down into a crowd, any enemy caught directly under him will take the most damage while the drop causes a shock wave. The higher you hit this move from the higher the damage scale with an increased radius. knocked down enemies also take additional damage.

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