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Mesa Waltz Bug


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There's two parts of this, that myself, and a few friends have all experienced. When in Mesa's 4th, with the Waltz augment on, when moving between two surfaces that are flush to each other, but have a TINY dip in between (like two crates with tapered corners against each other), if we come out of her 4th when in the tiny drop, we are unable to do anything except walk/run in place in one direction, completely locked out of everything, but the start menu. The other one, with the Waltz augment equipped, randomly from what we've gathered, when coming out of her 4th, her stance is as if she's in her 4th, the camera acts as if she's in her 4th, but we can move around as normal, but again, locked out of everything, cant go into operator mode, activate any abilities, use any weapons. The second one fixes itself randomly with varying durations of how long you're stuck in it. Without the augment, her 4th works as it should.

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