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The Loot Bandit Got Me


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Okay, so he didn't really get me, he got my buddy. He ran an hour long Lith relic mission, got some pretty nice drops, including a Wukong Prime blueprint (which was going to be MY Wukong Prime Blueprint 😠), and when everyone extracted, he got something like 40 void traces and that was it. No credits. No mats. No relic rewards. Nothing other than a few measly void traces. I had him take a screenshot but I don't know what I should have him do next. Anyone got any helpful advice?

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50 minutes ago, (PS4)Deamin87 said:

You're already helping me. 😛 How do I go about filling out said ticket? 🤔

it's barely worth the effort. sorry.

shortly after vallis i had several hour + runs gathering resources, bounties etc and crashed out several times. i sent in support ticket and provided screen shots of the other players in the group as they asked and was told that they could send me 1 item that i lost. for the sake of getting a handful of robofish or a bundle of resources i decided i couldn't be bothered.

your mate will probably get 1 of the gold drops he lost, if he has the necessary details needed, and it will probably take a week. up to you both if that is worth it or not.

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