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What DE should do to improve the game IMO


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Sorry for my bad english xD

What DE should do to improve the game IMO:
1. Release Elite Sorties(If you survive i will treat you well):
    1. Starting with level 110-130
    2.Next mission level 140-160
    3.Final mission level 165-200
   Rewards :
    1.Better version of ayatan anasa sculpture or make them x3
    2. x2 riven mods
    3. 15.000 kuva
    4. New arcanes?
    5. 7 day affinity booster
    6. Umbral forma instead of battlepass exclusive
2. Battlepass(Nightwave):
   1.Make a little bit harder the daily challenges like interact with kavat/kubrow or play an emote.
   2.Change a little bit the catch up mechanic like if you can't do a hydrolyst hunt for example it would be nice a feature to remove it or something like that.    
    1.More cosmetics or skins for operator
    2.Remove umbral forma plz
    3.Skins like harrow deluxe it would be a good idea to be in battlepass because its behind a lor the missing hands as i know 😉
    4.More skins for weapons, ephemeras, companions etc. It will force some players (captura "players" for exmp) to do the challenges 
    5.Remove the arcanes or make them x3 (also not tradeable)
    6.Remove the current mods like harpak and vulkar and add some new augent mods for a group of weapons like bows,shotguns etc something that vets             will actual put on their builds.
    7.Add some plat(50? not tradeable?) for new players at the beginning of nightwave.A new player will see that everything needs plat.
         So new player will notice ah nightwave have this prime currency lets do that for example.
3.Difficulty in Game:
  1.Enemies will scale based on your build for example if you have  status weapons enemies will be buffed on their armor and health so it would be more difficult
  2.Maybe add a easy or hard mode as Scott said on earth for example
  3.The answer is harder enemies with better rewards 
  4.Try something different with damage meta because its too broken try to balance it 
  1.More difficult enemies so more grind, more resources they will drop or better changes to drop  

4.Rewards in General:
   1.IMO i would prefer some Bosses (like tyl regor) drop 2 parts 
   2.In The new Distruption Mode i would prefer to Have a lot of new rewards not just Gauss parts and resources for it to craft, bp, skins for weapons, the umbral howl thing IMO its trash because its not
     something USEFUL for now at least 😉
   3.Better rewards for more difficult content
5.Warframe Reworks:
6.Deluxe Skins(we need to see):  
   1.Mirage deluxe
   2.Saryn 2nd deluxe 
   3.Volt 2nd deluxe 
   4.Gara deluxe

 7.Arbitration phase 2:
    1.Don't make other players to revive others and sacrifice themselves just let us revive ourselves only 2 times and if you use all of them you have to wait 3 hours or the next arbitration.
 8.Host Migration:
It's been years Host Migration is a thing.The game would be a lot better, i think its the time to solve it somehow because with the empyrean on the way its going a pain in the ass IMO. I Hope we will see some changes.    

Ty For your Time ^^


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