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26 minutes ago, Gabbynaru said:

What do you mean? The FOV? The over the shoulder camera position? Make the game be Remnant? Your post is very hard to understand.

Remnant has a slightly higher camera position whilst aiming down sights.

Remnants camera position is in line with the head whilst Warframe is in line with the shoulder, in remnant the camera position is further forward.

As a result less of the gun is obscured.

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Remnant is just overall better for me after 7 years of the same. Yes different games but also similar in some ways.  I also love the camera perspective in there too. Smooth combat and no junk guns. Great boss fights and you can solo them instead of some heath sponge nonsense most older games have. The game values my skill and most importantly my time and if I want to play with others it’s my choice. There's a lot of nice things that I'd love to see in other games... ahem!

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