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Dojo bugg


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Hello, when I'm trying to trade with any player in any dojo, i need to reconnect a few times to the same dojo or change the dojo because i can't see people when i join and people can't see me, i lost a lot of trades because i cant trade with this dojo.

I think it is a problem in my account because i went to dojo with 3 players and the others 2 can see each other, but it looks like i was in another server because i was alone in whole dojo.

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Same, problem here. I can't see anyone in my dojo. When i invite people to my group and then visit the dojo they get loaded in but i cant see them and they cant see me. Im alone in there and the dojo chat doesn't show up. Same thing with the featured dojos on the star chart.
Also when i leave a dojo and get loaded back into my orbiter i cant see my character. Its like being in the decoration mode. After a short while i then get the loading screen showing up again and i'm loaded into my orbiter for the second time.

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