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Why did DE charge me 14 plat for a single slot?

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Just now, (PS4)Kamil-the-KamiKa said:

When I tried picking up the harpak and ohma from foundry it told me to pay FOURTEEN plat for weapon slots, didn't think anything of it and bought them anyway , then when I thought I could claim the ohma the foundry told me to buy even more weapon slots for 12 plat 

DE wtf are you playing at?

Either it sounds like a UI bug, or something went wrong. 

If you contact support, they can check and refund any mistakes that happened. 

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For all above yes I am sure I did not rush, they were completed well before even today I only just got round to picking them up today 

Contacted support, just made this thread first in case they did change the prices and me looking dumb for wasting supports time 

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