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Regarding Sentinels and Companions


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So, I don't use a companion for it to kill or weaken enemies for me. I use them for utilty. Mainly Vacuum and, well, the build I use for my Carrier Prime might say more than what I could write.



As you can see, I use it for the enemy and loot radar, for it to break crates, and Vacuum. Guardian and Medi-Ray are secondary things I use because of no better options regarding Utility.

The problem with this is... My Sentinel is always blocking a big part of my field of view. Also, I would love to take another kind of companion that isn't a Sentinel with me. But I find the utilty of this, much better than anything else. 

So I am making this thread, to see if anyone is in the same position as me regarding this. And to see if there are some ideas anyone can give me, or some ideas we can give to DE.

Thank you for your time. 

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