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I don't receive the melee riven mod when i finished the Chains of Harrow


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Did you buy Harrow with Platinum before doing the Chains of Harrow quest?  The Melee Riven is an alternate reward for those players instead of the Harrow blueprint (which is useless to them).

If you did buy Harrow with Platinum prior to doing this questline and thus were eligible for the alternate reward, that's worth ticketing support for.

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1 hour ago, Andvarja said:

Você comprou Harrow com Platinum antes de fazer a quest Chains of Harrow? O Melee Riven é uma recompensa alternativa para os jogadores em vez do modelo Harrow (que é inútil para eles).

Se você fez comprar Harrow com Platinum antes de fazer esta quest e, portanto, eram elegíveis para a recompensa alternativo, que vale a pena bilhética suporte para.

Oh thanks 


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