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The Sentient Apocalypse is coming, you got a Prova to your left. What do you do? You put a Riven on it. "Sentient Apocalypse Riven Shop"! 57 Rivens sale!!


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Welcome to my Riven Shop! Hope you can find what suits you best to defend your family and neighbours from the Apocalypse!
Wondering how the weapon will perform? You can find it out here! Testing it against heavily armored targets on a fully formad weapon! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrWfQ4rJz2yQj_Q6bMfoKA5_4gAnNwdyk


WTS Rivens for: Argonak, Braton, Buzlok, Corinth, Dread, Fulmin, Glaxion, Gorgon, Scourge, Penta, Soma, Stradavar, Supra, Sybaris, Synapse, Tenora, Tiberon, Vulklok, Zenith, Zhuge. IGN: SeRialPiXel Platform: PC PMO


WTS Rivens for: Akbolto, Akjagara, Aklex, Akzani, Despair, Gaze, Knell, Pandero, Tombfinger, TwinGremlins, Pyrana, Sicarus, Sonicor, Spectra, Gammacor, Rattleguts, TwinVipers, Marelok. IGN: SeRialPiXel Platform: PC PMO


WTS Rivens for: Fang, Hate, Mios, NamiSkyla, Ninkondi, Orvius, Dual Cleavers, Redeemer, Silva&Aegis, Skiajati, PlagueKripath, Venka,. IGN: SeRialPiXel Platform: PC PMO

Also Corvas

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