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The gambler


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Until a little while ago I have had no idea of a unique and fun frame idea that is rewarding to play. The most i could think of was maybe a spider frame but everyone and their moms has thought of that. But today i bring you THE GAMBLER(Place holder name). The gambler is all about well gambling. his entire kit is almost completely random and  the luckier you are the more fun or damage you might be able to do. This idea of a frame came to me as I read the webtoon Hardcore Leveling Warrior(you should really check it out if you haven't) understand this this frame is really mean't for fun sure some of the kit can be insanely good but there is still a chance you might get a bad roll.

passive:when you get downed or die there is a 10% chance you will revive with a buff a 1% chance you don't die and get your health and shields recovered or a 1% chance you spawn with a debuff.

Ability 1 Coin flip: Coin flip has 3 different things it can do which can be selected through a UI similar to Wisp or Vauban. There are 2 sides to the coin, life and death, life gives a buff to the player or a teammate the player was looking at when using the ability.1 if the coin lands on the life side the coin will give the player more luck which will positively affect the outcome of The gamblers passive and other abilities, if the coin lands on death your abilities are more likely to come out bad. 2 if the coin lands on life all weapons the players weapons will be given a damage and crit buff based off of power strength capping out at 100% damage and 50% crit, if the coin lands on death the opposite happens. if the coin lands on life all your warframes stats gets increased (based off power strength ironic ik), if it lands on death the opposite(you get the it already so ill stop putting if it lands on death). There is a 1% chance that on death not only do you receive the debuff the enemies will also get a buff to strength and speed.

Right now i could only think of the first ability so if you i will continue to edit this anytime I see fit and have an idea. you could also leave suggestions on what you would like to see changed or added.

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