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Focus Idea, And Also Where Are My Hand-Blades


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DE.  Actually, I don't even know if the devs read this section, but I WILL STILL TELL YOUR EAR HOLES THIS, RANDOM INTERNET DENIZEN.  Listen to my words.  These are truth words.  It is scientifically proven to be at least 300% more badass, when killing people with blades, when said blades are extruding from your wrists.  For further reading, please see Ezio Auditore, that one chick from Lord of Destruction, mother@(*()$ Wolverine, and Batman.  Yes, Batman.  If Batman thinks its' awesome to kill(read: knock out) people with sword hands, then it's @(*()$ awesome to kill people with your sword-hands. What I am trying to say here is we need the ability to make our hands at least 100% more sword-like to be true space ninjas.  Make it happen.


And now, on to my actual serious section: Focus.  As it stands, I love melee combat, but I feel like it has untapped potential.  To fix this, I suggest adding a new mode, either to all Frames, or as an ability specific to Excalibur or another melee-oriented frame, since Excalibur's actual ult, while cool, does not really fit him, since he's melee-oriented and it's a heavy ranged attack.


This ability is Focus - wherein the player enters a special state where they have their melee weapon out and their other weaponry sheathed.  While in this state, which lasts for a period of time determinate on level, the player cannot use ANY ranged attacks, abilities included, but gains a speed bonus and a large melee damage bonus, one which scales with the level(s) of the player and/or the enemies(as well as a 15% chance to deflect ranged damage, which overrides mods doing the same, and does not stack with such) which, for balance reasons, does not stack with damage mods on the melee weapon.  In this state, the player's stamina does NOT decrease, no matter what he or she does, BUT it does drain at a steady rate, and when the stamina expires, Focus mode ends.  It cannot be used afterwards for the total duration it was enabled, discouraging stamina mod abuse and preventing spammage.  


Any thoughts on this suggestion?  It's not a needed fix, but I think it would be boss as F*** to go full medieval on some Grineer arses. 

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