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Loki's Decoy And Switch Teleports Need Slight Tweaks


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    Hey everyone! Now in warframe my absolute favorite frame is Loki. He has a fun play style that make him an excellent trickster and assassin. every one of his abilities are fun to use early game.


    Getting to my point however in the mid levels two of his abilities start to tapper off. They at no point become "useless" but they become more of a problem then their worth for many situation. 


 Switch Teleport: This ability can be used to get allies out of a bad spot and to move loki to great vantage points. But early game this is amazingly fun to use on enemies, as the game progresses you become less and less able to really make use of this ability offensively. again it never becomes useless, but switching with targets most of the time makes you everyone's center of attention. What I propose is this.


    When Switch Teleport switches places with a target, all aggro loki had is shifted to his target for a short duration, 1 or 2 second? I'll leave it to DE to decide if they want this to be a long or short duration really but so long as it lasts 2 seconds I'm happy with it. It'll be a great way to get the heat off without dedicating to invisibility. Plus as a true trickster this can be a great tactic to getting free damage in on a boss or a heavy unit. This could even be fun on just mooks who you want to take a napalm blast for you. It was in the trailer for the game after all and DE seams very proud of their ability to live up to that video. So please make this change.

    On a side note I feel it should be expressed that if loki switches with an ally enemies will simply play the same animation as an enemy target would, effectively making it a stun. though it shouldn't last longer then 1 second. The aggro would only affect enemies and decoys.


 Decoy: Where to begin? positional teleporting, opening laser doors, opening doors from a distance, this ability is really golden. but early game I used this as well.. a decoy, You know to divert attention from me and to it!  but as the game goes on.. This is just useless for distracting the enemy for more then a second as they'll nuke him instantly. My solution?


    I say a percentage of it's maximum duration should be a "minimum" duration. Give the decoy a very limited amount of invulnerability. perhaps 20% of it's max duration? max level and fully modded that's what? 10 seconds or so? maybe more, maybe less in any case it need to be able to stand for longer then it took to cast the thing. 


I feel these changes are balanced and quite necesary. and I really feel it would live up to Loki's play style and make him a lot more fun in later levels of the game. 



Please tell me what you all think. comment and + rep if you agree, or comment if you don't. let's talk about it!

(edited for spell checking)

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Decoy is there to take the agro off your back, not to tank stuff. The Switch Teleport idea sounds fun though.


Yes, but what good is a decoy to take aggro off our back if the decoy is literally killed within half a second? With the AI super aimbot, they'll be right on you again. I don't feel like the OP's suggestion is about tanking, and I've made the same suggestion myself. It's not about drawing attention for a long time, aka tanking. It's about the decoy existing longer than the time it takes to cast it, which is not always when you're in the later game. It just becomes a useless ability.

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Decoy is there to take the agro off your back, not to tank stuff. The Switch Teleport idea sounds fun though.


    Yes but in high levels, the decoy will litteraly die instantly. perhaps 20% is to much even 10% would be fine. but it -needs- to last at least long enough to make the casting animation worth it. 

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Yeah - Decoy is there to distract... Maybe you wanted a tanking version called "Doppelganger" which aids Loki in combat with a copy of himself? Nekros is already there...

... But perhaps, the tweak which makes your Decoy imitate the gun you are currently holding - that would be better...

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My opinion for decoy is that:

1-set a max damage per second that decoy can take. This cap will make him last like 20% of his total time like Kitty said or whatever the devs feel like. If decoy is going to "tank" then he should do some damage or stagger the enemy he is attacking with each shot(something that makes his pistol look real even if it is not a significant effect).

2-make it invulnerable through the whole duration, but set a limit on the attention that enemies give to decoy before "realizing" he is not the real loki. Maybe they would have a max amount of time per enemy Ex: each enemy will attack decoy for either 5 secs or 20% of its total time and then start attacking something else. This one is more holographic, so he would just have a cosmetic lato.

And switch teleport

1-Your idea :). It looks a lot like loki's playstyle.

2-Some kind of area effect around you after the teleport (slow/stun/confusion/something else) for a short duration.

3-You gain invisibility for short amount of time also.Maybe like shade's ghost skill it will go away after the first attack.

4-just reduce the energy cost.

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Guys, they don't even want to make (fix) invisibilitu cloack sentinels... Loki is out of the question and i dont believe anything will be done with him as DE are busi creating new overpowered stuff to generate income.



1. Vauban got killed because he doesn't generate as much profit with Nova on the scene and because they wanted Necros to sell better.

2. Nova is being kept in the nuclear planetsplitter status because she still sells well.

3. Every week they release new absurdly OP gear and are keeping it without any Mastery restriction for as long as possible so they are accessible by all and the money can keep flowing.


So dream on guys... dream on. But know the reality and don't be disappointed if your reasonable whishes don't materialize in the game.

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