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Sooooooo... Elemental Fang Prime Or Crit Dual Ichor?



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Moved to the proper section.


I have them both, Dual Ichors almost maxed and it's quite simply the better all-around weapon due to its poison damage type - seeing 400+ damage crits in a flurry of slashes, yummy!




Fang Prime will only do better against light infested.


I think you're mistaken as the Fang Prime will actually do worse against light infested, because its armor piercing damage type has a 50% penalty against those units.

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Fang Prime are specifically designed for 1Vs1 against heavies (such as ancients and grineers)


I'd go for Dual Ichors honestly (keep in mind they said they are gonna further buff them soon along with Embolist and Synapse)


On a side note: thanks to Power Throw i've fell in love with the Glaive

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