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I Need A Latron Prime Build



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Infested: Wildfire, Hellfire, Hammershot, Vital Sense, Point Strike, serration, split chamber, armor piercing or cyro rounds or bane mod
Corpus: obv  all of the above except replace the fire mods with stormbringer and another mod of your choice and cyro rounds or bane mod
grineer same as corpus  and bane mod for grineer.

idk how to  post pics on here soo sorry ><

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Well here's one that can go for all factions, with a preference towards grenier and corpus. Depending on whether your Latron is formad or not, adjust mod levels accordingly.



-Barrel diffusion

-Piercing hit

-Point strike

-Fast hands

-Wildfire (can be replaced by vital sense vs grenier, keep stormbringer)

-Cryo rounds (CC+ great vs shields)

-Stormbringer (replace by hellfire vs infested, keep wildfire)


I put suggestions between brackets but even without switching mods for each faction it's a very solid build. You need to forma the Latron twice to get all these mods in while fully leveled ;)



Would love to see other suggestions as I'm quite enjoying this rifle at the moment :)

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All the damage mods.

Otherwise you're not killing anything.

Add point strike in the mix (just replace less useful elemental according to faction) and tell me what you think. I was one shotting level 100 corpus with this. Not sure how far I can take this load-out but will test further and keep you posted. Elemental build works great too, but them crits are so tasty :P

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