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Panthera aiming with multishot

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is it possible to correct the aiming of the panthera, if multishot is on it?

the bullets spread heavily, on range, with multishot on it.


Pic: https://ibb.co/YjzWh6F

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Yep, there are a few weapons where Multishot causes projectiles to fly in a certain pre-determined pattern.

A strong example is Kulstar, with the standard (BarDiff + LethTor) 3 missiles it always fires in the same triangle formation,
while +Multishot Rivens have shown me a (45% degrees turned) square formation with 4 and a pentagon shape with 5 missiles.

Of course, on Kulstar, that's not such a bad thing, it helps to blanket an area with both the missiles and the cluster bomblets (wee),
but a weapon like Panthera, not least with its 100% accuracy, should simply shoot directly where you're aiming at, I dare say.

And if you add Heavy Caliber, it still should follow the standard rules of random inaccuracy.
[Mind, the overly aggressive effect Heavy Caliber has on certain projectile weapons is a whole 'nother can of worms.]
But alas, instead it also uses these maximum-spread pre-determined patterns for its shots, for no good reason that I can find.

If you get 2 projectiles, it will spread those so far apart, purely horizontally,
that at a certain range, you will miss the target you're aiming at directly, 100% of the time. Wat.
Like, even poor Ogris, which suffers extremely from using HC, will still fire roughly where you aim every now and then.

A 3 projectile shot will have a third saw blade actually go straight in between the other two, so ... I guess that'll hit, at least.

I don't have a +Multishot Riven at hand to test what patterns we might are destined to end up with at 4 and above,
but I'd imagine it's more of the same, horizontal spread that defies what we've seen on most other weapons.

So yeah, if that could get fixed, that'd be neat 🙂 

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