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Volt's Shield Limits Sniper Range


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Just build a Volt and used it today for the first time.


So it's true, Volt's electric shield turns the Lanka into hitscan, removing the travel time from its projectiles.


But theres a problem, Volt's electric shield limits the range of any weapon. I tested it at Kiliken, at the dam map, and Lanka's projectiles were not able to reach the other side of the dam.


This also happened with the Vulkar, the shot didnt connect. I even shot at a container at the other side of the dam, with and without the shield.


On the other hand, Volt's shield more than doubled Flux's laser.


This issue should be addressed. Volt's shield cant be used for sniping. The solution is to increase its weapon range, if theres any.


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Most weapons don't have a range limit. If they do, Volt's Electric Shield removes it. I would have to test this further but I was having Electric Shield allow my Ignis to hit things on the other side of the map. Did you test this range issue with multiple weapons or just one?



Its quite the contrary, Volt's electric shield put a range limit on all the weapons.


The range limit on the Lanka and Vulkar is the same one on the Flux, which is a bit more than double the normal Flux laser range.


Now I tested it on a void defense mission. The result: I was not able to use the Lanka from the big staircase at the other side of the chamber, when aiming for the door. But at the pod (center of the chamber) I was able to shot at the door with the Flux laser.

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