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Medallions don't persist for future connecting players if picked up by existing players

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Medallions get completely removed from the world when everyone picks them up which means anyone else joining later will get less than 8.

Late joining players happen quite a lot in syndicate missions because they're not that frequently played.

But I've also noticed that in defense missions people join around wave 5 all at once, this happened multiple times for me.

I was on the small grineer ship defense/interception map and left the medallions for people to grab if they join, but not many people are aware of that and won't do the same and in survival missions with huge maps I also can't do that because I lose track of them and won't be able to get them afterwards.


Please make medallions persist so that future joining players can collect them too without requiring players to not pick them up until squad is full.

I also suspect the same thing happens with reactant for fissure missions, I've seen quite a few times people joining so late that we're already at the extraction and they find absolutely no reactant despite us waiting and them exploring the entire map, and no more enemies spawn afterwards either...

As for other important pickups like ayatan sculptures and stars, I dunno if this issue happens to them aswell.

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Posted (edited)

Its always been that way.


Medallions picked up by the Host are Lost Forever to players who Join In Progress

Yeah, it kinda sux.

If I join that Grineer Elevator mission with the 8 free medallions and it's already wave 2; I'll just quit out and retry so I can get them.


Ayatan Sculptures however; remain available.



Given that Sculptures are Safe; I suspect that DE does have the ability to fix Medallions in the same way. Its just an oversight that they didn't bother...

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