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Seer Void Corrupted Bug


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Soloing a T2 Exterminate, was leveling my Seer pistol and I noticed that the Corrupted Grinneer troops in the Void took no damage from headshots using the Seer Pistol. Not reduced or little damage, but absolutely nothing. No number whatsoever, and no change in their health. It's like the hits did not register. Body shots still worked fine though. I tried to repeat the results with my Dera, but it didn't seem to have any issues hitting their heads.


None of the Corpus, or Heavy Gunners had any similar issues either. It seems like some part of the hit box for the unit is not registering, or some other part of the model is getting in the way and triggering the shot with no damage. I know the Seer's shots seem to have clipping issues around corners already.

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It's actually because the Corrupted have their models swapped. Although it looks Grineer it has the properties of a corpus, including a bullet proof head.

I'm baffled by how that's still a thing. Fix it DE!

Don't tell me that they are just edited Crewmen and Troopers?

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