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Vacuum/Fetch don't work a lot of times as a client

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As host they work fine, but as a client I found myself having to hit the item or move around it more until it realises there's loot in its range.

This does happen to anything that can be grabbed at range by fetch/vacuum mods, mods, reactant, resources, everything, but it doesn't always happen and likely depends on the hosts' performance and ping to them.

It's extremely annoying when trying to find statues, medallions or caches because unpickupable loot icons are a hint that it's probably one of the things I'm looking for, but it's just misleading and wastes time.

Here's one example, I certainly have fetch because I picked up a lot of items at range, but this one refuses to get grabbed, I just sat there staring at it and it at me while I made the screenshot, then proceeded to pick it up the old fashion way xD


^ you can see 97ms ping with the host.


This and the other medallion bug is why I play syndicate missions solo 😞

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