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Top-Tier Weapons Before Clantech & Primes?


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Hey guys, as you know, the "top-tier" weapons right now are Ogris, Lanka, Flux Rifle, Acrid and Orthos Prime. These are the high damage weapons that everyone uses right now. There are obviously other "top-tier" weapons, but you get the idea.


To anyone who was around before the current top-tier, what were the top-tier weapons of your time? What I've seen is that Hek and Gorgon were used by everyone before they were nerfed, as well as Twin Vipers and Akboltos. Not so sure about swords, though.


So what were the top-tier weapons when you joined the game?

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You forgot about Soma. Its currently eclipsing even Flux in terms of armor ignore damage. And its not even Clan Tech.


In any case, its personally the Hek for me. My first potatoed weapon. Its still showing up as my most used weapon even after basically not using it since receiving clan tech.

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Hek and Gorgon were the only primary weapons most people used until they both got nerfed (remember when that used to happen?). After that, since the Corpus were laughable and everything else had Armor, the Boltor had the best damage. AkBolto was pretty much the go to secondary since it was the only Armor Ignoring secondary, plus even without counting that they were still top tier damage while not being an ammo hog. Melees were Dual Ether/Heat Sword for Infested, and Heavy for everything else.

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Brandal (LOL), Gorgon (before first-shot accuracy nerf), Hek (still is top-tier because of damage falloff, but Sobek/Straith encroach on its territory), Twin Vipers (massive DPS...for one second), Kunai/Despair (though they came around clantech IIRC), Boltor/Akbolto, Scindo/Gram, Dual Ethers/Heat Swords...


Now, the non-clan/prime top-tiers are Twin Grems, Soma, and really the same melees (+ maybe normal Orthos) since they didn't bother to make any new good ones...

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HEK is still extremely solid given the strength of shotgun mods.

Accelerated blast, blaze, point blank, tactical pump, rank 3 ammo stock, hell's chamber and flechette. take advantage of the burst damage. Bear in mind that despite the nerf of being given falloff, the hek still has a very very tight spread for a shotgun. At medium range its still superbly accurate.

Sad to say though it cannot hold a candle to even a forma-less soma. Basically, the answer to your thread is: soma, twin gremlins, orthos not-prime

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dual zoren

dual ether

twin gremlins






dual broncos


dual heat swords




that's "the list" of course im biased, but i even put some in the list that i personally dont like all that much, but i listed them becuz they are high performers

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When i joined and reached lvl 30 with my first WF the Opiest guns were



Hek / Gorgon / AkBolto / Afuris / Dual heats 



And everyone farmed pluto to get those rare swords(like dark sword or plasma) that only dropped there before they went into alerts






Also this was that time that people only had the starter WFs and if you saw a Rhino / Ember / Ash it was like meeting a Shiny pokemon 

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