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Super High Tech Space Time Self-Reloading Pistols


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It will be a single wield pistol that once it runs out of ammo a blade will come out of the bottom of the handle, the Tenno can then take it by the barrel and throw it at the enemy in which it will stab into them. However the mechanics is that it uses the momentum from spinning through the air to self-reload space time dimensional bullets from the Void into the clip. The spinning is like a warp, creating a distortion as it goes. The distortion causes a temporary ethereal effect where it ends up between two universes at the same time. During this very small period of time since it only takes seconds for the bladed pistol to plow into its enemy the bullets move into the space where the bullet space is or clip, and refill the clip. Thus after its stabbed into an enemy. It then teleports back into your hand for re-use. Then you just shoot up the enemy all over again.


I am actually serious... this would be a pretty friggin cool, and unique pistol, that might become an obsession for players who like going from bullet damage, to reload piercing damage. Who knows this may be useful after they revamp the damage system being able to hit enemies with bullet damage, then with armor piercing damage. Two different kinds of damage, plus ultra high-tech sci-fi and could be like an epic Orokin super pistol, or some top secret weapon they never got to release, and has been sitting in the void vaults for a very long time...

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yeah, you're pretty much asking for the Tediore weapons from Borderlands 2 in Warframe... YES PLEASE! (I LOVE the Tediore weapons! Seriously, most of the time it's 'press square (I use console for BL2) to kill person' I mean it wasted a ton of ammo, but hell was it fun!)

yeah except it stabs them then teleports back into your hand again, rinse and repeat...

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