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Game Acting Up Since 10.1.1


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I never had any problems whatsoever technically. However unfortunately with the introduction of 10.1.1 I'm having some problems. They are not game-breaking, but very annoying.


Apparently I got introduced to the bug, which was supposed to be fixed by 10.1.1. :D


When I finish a mission and return to the menu, the screen locks up for a random amount of time between 5 and 25 seconds, which can be a real PITA if you wanna do consecutive runs with clan mates. The only thing special I noticed is a strange sound (sounds like an exploding Infested or w/e) the game does everytime I go to arsenal, foundry or back to the lobby.


This problem solves itself upon leaving the party, but resurfaces right away after playing another match.


EDIT: Nekros seems to trigger this especially.


Anyone with similair experiences?


Win7 x64


GTX570  w/ latest drivers

6GB DDR3-1600 Ram


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