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Dojo Planner Possibilities


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I've been thinking on and off the past couple days about a simple dojo planner app of some sort, something that would take advantage of the new grid system and let you just lay out the whole dojo with some simple tools to keep track of costs and times, or just be able to tell where you'll spawn.  It would most definitely be open source.


Anyway, with that in mind, I thought I'd do some preliminary research to see how much work might already be done to save time and effort.


- Does anyone know if someone has already got the art assets in a nice bundle?  The fan kit obviously doesn't and some googling didn't return much results, so I don't have high hopes here.

- What are your thoughts on how valuable the old layout system would be to include?  I've converted our clan over to the new grid layout, but are there other clans that have for some reason not converted that need to mesh the two for new development?

- Aside from just layout and possibly costs, what info do you see being valuable in a simple dojo planner?


Any feedback appreciated!

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