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Aura: Rifle Scavanger Mod Is Broken.


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As the title sais i believe the rifle scavanger mod is broken and adds no extra ammo at all.


I have been looking at my ammo pickups and whether rifle scavanger is equiped or not the numbers dont change, only 20ammo per pickup.


Anyone else having this issue?


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This Aura is not a bug its a chance for enemy to drop the ammo it doesn't increase ammo pickup rates like the Ammo Mutation.


more info on here:


I'm Sorry but i think you are wrong on this one (as is the wiki), as Sniper scavanger increases the actual ammount of ammo picked (been using it with dread) up not the ammo drops.


I hardly doubt auras with the same general description work differently, and it sais it in cappitalised letters xx% AMMO PICKUP.


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