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Mods Do Not Stay Attached To Ether Reaper


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i got upto Rank 6 on my Ether Reaper Melee weapon and decided to plug in some mods, after tinkering and adding em clicking the "accept" button and started a match i noticed no mods effect!


I then exit the game and checked to see what went wrong and saw that NO mods were attached to it! i then re-attached mods and hit accept again, i then decided to check and see if the mods work, reopened the mod screen for the Melee weapons and they were gone again!!!


Whats going on? mods does not stay after exiting the mod screen for it! Someone help! the Ether reaper is my only Melee i got left now and its very much too weak at Level 20+ enemies without any mods!!!


is anayone encountering this bug? or is there a special reson why no mods work on the Ether Reaper.


**edit** 25 Minutes later the mods poped on without warning! something is wrong with the lag or bad update to servers not did not update the mods in the Ether Reaper

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