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[Suggestion] Stamina System Improvement


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I think the thing i find most frustrating with the stamina system is the random stopping when sprinting, I mean in real life I don't run full pace than randomly stop, I find myself getting progressively slower as my stamina lowers. So basically I stat down and had a little bit of a brain storm and came up with this idea in order to kinda imitate how I behave when tired to reflect on certain elements in game.




When at 90-100% stamina you should run faster than normal, and as you get lower in stamina your speed should decline so when you are at 0 stamina you are still running, but at a speed far less than the usual run speed. This would stop the random jerkiness of stopping constantly when you hit 0 stamina because you have to train your eye on the bar to see that your gonna randomly stop which is irritation with the stamina changes system that was implemented.


If you were to slowly, progressively tire. You would notice the effects of stamina more than you would if you were to just stop randomly, and if you were to run faster than normal when at 90% + you would aim at trying to keep your stamina higher.


One thing that's probably not going to happen tho, is people spending mod slots on stamina based mods. Yet, that can be rectified with one simple solution. More mod slots, specifically green ones that can only take stamina mods. At first you may think this will somehow break the balance of the game. I don't think it will, because you still need to pay for the mods with mod points that means you will have to do god awful amounts of forma'ing to your frame in order to incorporate the stamina mods to your frame. Or you could just take away another mod and place a stamina one in. If u aren't at late game build.




A similar system should be implemented here, when you are at full stamina your power attacks should be stronger and your normal attacks should strike faster. As u tire, your power attacks should become weaker and your regular attacks slower. This would also allow the creation of stamina mods for melee, IE; at 20% stronger power attacks at full stamina, or 50% greater melee critical damage at when above 80% stamina. over powered? sure at full stamina you would be doing crazy damage, maintaining the bonus, hard.




Blocking is an interesting one, it is a feature I admit that i rarely use the reasons for this are that its not that great a feature as it stands. First step, remove stamina drain unless u block an attack, it seems ridiculous that u tire just from holding your weapon out in preparation to block an attack. You would have to be one seriously unhealthy individual if this were the case and I'm assured that the tenno are not.

Anyway, make blocking an attack consume a percentage of the damage done as stamina instead, quite simple. This would make the mods currently available to increase the size of your stamina pool quite tempting. Because you could use them to create a new class of players. Block tanks, this isn't as overpowered as one may think either. Because it would synergise with the other features of this rework, block tanks would take the hits to their stamina bar with a percentage of the damage done to their hp/shields as well so it still hurts, just no way near as bad as taking the direct blow. Then because they have taken stamina damage they are slower than usual. 


If you were to just avoid the blow you would be faster, you can chose to be a nimble class and dodge or brutish class that blocks instead.





A stamina system like this would make use of all the new stamina mods that were introduced and allow for the creation of new stamina mods that are based on this system, for instance Second Wind with powered attacks would be nice, because after you deal the killing blow from a power attack your stamina refills increasing the damage of the next attack. Or Shield flux would make you crazy strong with melee at the serious expense of depleting your shields in order to do large damage, a very keen double edge sword if there ever was one. There are also old mods, such as Quick rest, that would allow you to wait for short periods before continuing to attack with normal attacks to keep you in the higher damage zone of your stamina. This would create a reason for people to monitor their stamina levels and give reason to the stamina bar.


Of course you can still just run for as long as you can slowing down and keeping about the same pace as before if you take short rests or use slides. Or, you could mod to take advantage of the higher initial run speed and be slightly faster than you were previously. At mod cost of course. Not stopping randomly out of nowhere anymore which disrupts the flow of game play and makes it feel quite awkward to manage stamina.







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