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Melee Weapons And Why Its So Sad


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So hello everyone ,


as you can read my name is HackShield got now a big bunch of time in this game and lured arround with all melee weapons yet beside 1 or 2 that isnt builded yet.


and ill must say... ill miss something im a big mmo fan any hell knows after all these publishers i saw i dont really wanna say something against DE because its one of the only publisher out there since god knows who is really user friendly and above that BUT


Pls may give a think what could to some weapons them special 


like the daggers may give the a exicution dmg to 1 shot so if you sneak a target with daggers and kill it its 100% dead


or give them 0,5 ~ 1% stun cause there things that work so well like daggers get a hard epic dps but if you get interrupted instantly knock back theres is no dps <.< and the stealth kill is epic poor 


and maybe seperate some 1 swords like the heat swords do allready fire up the enemy maybe you could to some about the dark sword or other of these is called dark sword Q.Q maybe give it a little chance to debuff with blind or panic


you dont wanna create a whole melee system i know that but after those bunch of 1h swords daggers and heavys some of them are so identical they could be skins you need to build and lvl up .



or if someone else god some nice little hinges for it but atm its only upset to lvl some weapons especilly the melee ones.

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what should it change?

They already previewed elemental damage having special traits. There might be changes to giving weapon types a special identity. Armor/Dmg 2.0 will change everything across the board in terms of damage potential. It will be a huge overhaul.
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