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Helmet Stats - Should They Be Mods?


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Many people disagree with the notion of certain helmets having stats, and therefore future helmets will be statless. Personally, I think that the issue is more about the counter-intuitive stats of some helms.

Would it not make sense if we had helmet mods? So there would be a slot in your arsenal for helmet mods.

Helmet mods could be rare cards found anywhere that provide all sorts of passive bonuses.

It would allow for greater personalisation of your frame.

It would allow you to choose a helmet for aesthetics without worrying about gimping your frame.

Future helms could still be statless as the stats are found in mod cards.

Personally I do not see a glaring problem with this idea but if anyone sees a reason why this wouldn't be sensible please speak up!

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It's not making the game easy, it's dissociating aesthetics and stats. I don't see how that makes the game easier.

Exactly my point. Some stats on current helms make them not worthwhile despite looking awesome (vaubans S2 helm reducing duration. Also I can see it being very hard to part with a less attractive, older helm with a good stat (rhino vanguard) in favour of a new helm with no stats.

Having interchangeable stats would solve both these issues. You could have it like swapping weapons on a sentinel.

I'm not asking for overpowered passives, just the option for the current ones to be interchangeable, using a mod system that was put in place for this kind of thing.

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I think disassociating the stats from the helmets is good solution that would keep everyone happy. You can call this new slot a Helmet slot, or a Talisman slot or something along these lines. This new type of cards could stay frame specific or be shared between all of them. Players who already have the current helmets will get the corresponding mods.

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