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Why Not Give The Embolist A Dot?


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For such a low-range weapon I really don't think the Embolist by design has enough reward for getting up close and personal to groups of enemies. That's not to say it's a terrible gun by any means (it very well may be but that's not the point). I'm more concerned about the 'feel' of this gun and what is actually supposed to be achieved by limiting its range to this extent.


At the very least I'd like to see the embolist stack a moderate duration DOT on targets, allowing for a sort of hit and run strategy. You get into a mob, knock them all down with a jump attack, then spray them with your Embolist and run.


Not only would this make it a much more fun weapon and give it a clear playstyle, it would also make it the perfect sidearm to compliment the Torid. Not only would you be able to combo dots by switching weapons (rewarding the more alert player who doesn't just stand there firing the same gun without switching at all), the embolist would also provide a safer "torid cloud" effect at close range when it's just too risky to shoot the torid at your own feet. (this is assuming Torid is fixed to deal damage to its user again)


It would also synergise well with Saryn and her Venom, and finally would make it into a sort of close range alternative to the Acrid which sacrifices range DPS on a single target for the ability to hit multiple targets at close range for greater potential crowd control.


Now the Acrid's dot is very strong as we all know. However, Acrid has the benefit of being able to pop targets from long range, allowing players to take down priority targets without exposing themselves to risk. Embolist is close range, meaning you have to get right up close to that toxic ancient/bombadier/napalm/fusion moah if you want to take it down with the embolist. For this reason I really cannot see a dot-stacking embolist ever outclassing the acrid.


Even a weak dot that burns over a long duration would be good. Just something to make it actually feel like a poison weapon.

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Reading the last few comments I feel like nobody even bothered to read the OP. Stay classy, guys.


There are two weapons in this game that stack DoT. Torid and Acrid. Stacking dots is fun, it's been fun in pretty much every game it's ever been in. There is a viscereal satisfaction with seeing numbers flying out of the target en masse, or utilising hit and run tactics with a poison weapon.


That said, a dot-stacking Embolist would bring a different playstyle to both acrid and torid. I've already gone into detail in the OP about how it would very much have its own niche compared to Acrid.


It's not about us not -needing- another acrid. We don't -need- any weapon that gets given here. It's about playstyle choice, 'feel' in design of the gun itself, and how to possibly make the idea more stylistically AND practically sound.

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how many of you have actually used it more then once, if at all? its a great gun, different from all the others, and gives a unique playstyle, personally I often use it to balence out my glaive, it certainly does not need more range, in a similar sense that the bronco doesn't.


It's a close range point and click gun, used well can do amazing things.


Could it use a DOT? yea maybe, it would be an issue if it stacks though, because the weapon fires a stream and the DOT would stack absurd amounts in a few seconds, and btw, it does actually continue to do damage for a few moments after its fired, because of the way the shots work, I think of that as it's DOT.

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