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Regarding revive token pickup in arbitration

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The revive tokens in arbitration is a good addition for second chance, but this has become detrimental to overall progression because there are burdens on bringing this, making surviving the arbitration harder and those who don't bother improving themselves become a dead weight because they keep spamming the squad to revive them and the tokens are picked up automatically, making it having no choice but to revive this player to get rid of it so I have some suggestions or choices around it

1. Make tokens picked up by interacting with it

Instead of having tokens picked up automatically, making people play 'the floor is lava', make picking up tokens an interaction where pressing x will make it picked up automatically. Try not to make us bowing down to pick it up like ayatan stars because arbitration is a high risk mission where being still can result in death

or alternatively

2. Make the tokens have no burden

As simple as that, make the tokens have no burden like reduced health/shield so there's no burden caused by bad teammates being a dead weight

I hope this can come into consideration

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Posted (edited)

Well it used to be that people would brinf their A game to stay alive but now people die all the time and dont stay on gaurd because they can be revived in the mode advertised to have no revives... Remove them and return the mode to how it was but with the normal scaling it has now I say! Also make the rotations normal instead of every 10 minutes, the rewards arent good enough to warrant 10 minute intervals...

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Making rez burdens a manual pick up is great idea. then they can easily be avoided but it leaves the option open.
Removing ability to revive players is also a good idea > take it back to when it was first deployed in game.
I worked my posterior off to get to where i can survive arbitration and then DE changed the rules allowing revives.

Now the challenge of completing arbitration is avoiding grouping with players who bring squishy warframes (kinda not possible in PUGs), who don't know/care that when other players in group collect revive burdens that this can strip 5k out of 7k health from warframe like Inaros, putting their lives (& rewards) at risk for a total stranger.
An immortal inaros can be killed by a room full of infested ancients when this happens.
And, when a downed player is revived because this is the only way to get rid of revive burdens, the player who died, dies again.

Today i was in Arbitration Survival. MR22 player in group used Frosbut kept dying. Someone in group suggested Frost player was AFK.
So i was forced because of inability to avoid all rez burdens to continue to help revive a player who was going to continue to die as long as they were revived, because reviving players is only way to get rid of collected rez burdens.

As for avoiding picking up revive burdens, its possible to avoid killing drones. Its a nuisance but its possible. But, other players will kill drones and the burdens get picked up by accident. I have had someone say should then do Arbitrations solo > I don't want to solo them all the time, and that stops us from helping each other wipe out the enemy forces together.

I don't mind the 10min rotations. I would expect if they were put at 5min intervals that the price of buying anything with Vitus Essence would be doubled as compensation for difficulty/effort of attaining reward. Players are meant to be able to survive for 10min to get reward. I don't think that challenge should be made easier by halving reward drop period.

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When i go in Arbitration these days with randoms i either have...

a) Limbo afk'ing in his rift
b) constantly dead guys in my team cuz no vitality mods at all
c) one other who wished to go long and quits in the first minute when seeing the mess.

Result: I only go with premade groups.

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